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Privacy Statement

When you visit this site, your access is anonymous and Bhatt Murphy does not in any way identify those who visit the site. The site and its content are held on a remote server which automatically logs statistical information about the number of visitors to the site and to particular pages, etc. This will also record the visitors’ IP (internet protocol) address. The information this provides is designed only to enable Bhatt Murphy to establish the appeal or otherwise of the site and its contents and to enable it to make informed decisions about future improvements.

If you were to email Bhatt Murphy using the email link on the site, this will reach us via a non-secure connection and therefore the contents of your email should be general and avoid any highly sensitive personal or financial information. Such emails will only be used to address the query posed by them and for no other purpose. Your email address will not be sold on to any other party or used for any other commercial purpose whatsoever. No disclosure of the contents of your email will be made to any other party without your explicit consent.

Bhatt Murphy does not make use of “cookies” (an automated feature used to track individual visitors to the site).

Reported judgments which are in the public domain have been referred to on this site and in any other context where this site refers to named individuals, Bhatt Murphy has sought to ensure that appropriate consent has been obtained. If you have any objection to the naming of any individual on the site, please contact us at: mail@bhattmurphy.co.uk.