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Police Misconduct

"They're a top firm. They are really efficient and hard-working, and don't miss anything. You can completely rely on them to do your case justice."
Chambers & Partners 2015

Our Experience

We specialise in representing those who have suffered ill-treatment or abuse of power at the hands of the police and other detaining authorities. Our aim is not just to provide high quality advice upon the available legal remedies, but to achieve some measure of accountability and sense of redress for our clients. We are recognised by policy-makers, opponents and most importantly by our clients, as the leading firm in this field.

Our expertise, developed predominantly through our work on police cases, is now deployed against the full range of state detaining agencies including immigration detention centres.

Our experience ranges from achieving unlawful killing verdicts in the most controversial custodial deaths cases to representing young victims of the unlawful exercise of police stop and search powers. We aim to bring the same level of client care and professionalism to every case. Details of the range of police cases that we have handled can be found here.

Our Team

Our team is composed of 5 partners, 8 solicitors, and 2 trainee solicitors. As with all aspects of work at Bhatt Murphy, we work closely as a team and gain enormous assistance from our collaborative style of working.

Policy Work

Bhatt Murphy’s lawyers appreciate that effective remedies are not achieved through legal intervention alone. We are committed to working with our partners in non-governmental organisations and thereby contributing to progressive developments outside the court room. We also support and encourage our clients in their own campaigns.

Members of the Bhatt Murphy police team have played an active role in shaping the current system with the aim of seeking genuine accountability for those who suffer mistreatment at the hands of the police. To this end, we have contributed evidence to the European Committee on the Prevention of Torture, the United Nations, the Butler Inquiry, the Home Affairs Select Committee concerning Police Complaints & Discipline, the Middleton Report Reviewing Civil Justice and Legal Aid, the Morris Inquiry and other policy forums.

Our police misconduct timeline demonstrates how legal and non legal work has contributed to progressive developments in this area. We are proud of the contribution we have made in both respects. One of our most important roles is trying to assist the Independent Police Complaints Commission to deliver a professional level of service to our clients. There is much work to do and we will continue to deploy legal and non legal remedies in the hope of ensuring that progress is made.